Brain Fucked by Domina Shelle

Shelles Slave Bubbles
2 min readSep 25, 2023
Brain-fucked by Domina Shelle Rivers erotic hypnosis

Domina Shelle drives me crazy in the BEST of ways!!!!

i’m already completely obsessed with Her and now She goes and releases this?!

AND this Sexy Assignment?!

OMG! i’m just losing it!

Domina Shelle is in my mind SO deep and fucking it SO hard!!!

i’m a horny mess right now and see no end end sight!

Domina Shelle is using every trick under the sun so much that everywhere i go or everything i think, She’s somewhere there waiting to make me hornier and hornier!!!

My body automatically obeys Domina Shelle and there’s no way to cum or do anything else other than how She commands!

i have thoroughly surrendered my mind, body, and soul to Domina Shelle and have beCum completely helpless but to automatically Obey Her forever and always!!!

There’s no greater pleasure than this and Domina Shelle makes it better and better with each and every moment that passes!

This weeks brain-fucking brainwashing session will take Your Domina Shelle obsession to all new heights of pleasure and arousal!

Domina Shelle has me completely locked into such pent-up and overwhelming lust and desire to please Her!

It’s a dream cum true… one that only cums when Domina wants and how She desires… Mmmmm…

i’m in complete and total submissive reverence of Domina Shelle and open my mind up to Her to fuck as She pleases forever and always!

i think She might have broken something in my horny little head because i CANNOT stop thinking about Her and i CANNOT stop feeling hornier and HORNIER each second that passes…

Please Domina! Please fuck my mind harder and HARDER forever and ALWAYS!!! 🥵



Shelles Slave Bubbles

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