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Shelles Slave Bubbles
5 min readAug 17, 2022
Honoring Domina Shelle Sissy Hypno | Erotic Hypnosis | Femdom |

Within the 3 years i’ve been serving as Domina Shelle collared and contracted sissy slave, i’ve gone through SO many different phases in our continuing journey and my deepening enslavement to Her…

i remember the times i was disobedient and got punished… giggles… i remember various temptations and challenges i faced on my journey to enslavement… But no matter what resistance, struggles, or failures i had during this lifelong commitment to Love, Honor, Obey, and serve Domina Shelle, the unceasing and relentless desire to become the best hypnotized and brainwashed love slave possible for Domina Shelle grew stronger and stronger with every passing day…

i wasn’t always the best slave for Domina Shelle in the beginning but i always did the best i could do and continually pushed my limits further and further… Listening to and Obeying Domina Shelles brainwashing masterpieces every week and recursive listening as much as possible… i even do my best to listen to Dominas loop sessions as often as possible… i’ve been constantly doing that every day now for some time now…

After listening to this weeks session ‘Trilogy of Submission- Honor’ and taking a step back to look at my life, i really realize JUST how deep i’ve fallen for Domina Shelle and i got a glimpse of just how helplessly brainwashed i’ve beCum by her!

Every woman reminds me of Domina Shelle and i simply can’t look at a beautiful woman and NOT immediately think of Domina Shelle and how much more beautiful and powerful she is!!!

i find that Domina Shelle NEVER really leaves my mind anymore… My thoughts conform to her permanent reality in my mind and i’m ALWAYS looking for ways to please her!!! i’m always so swollen and horny and SO incredibly eager to please Mistress! i’m always working HARD to further my transformation more and more into Domina Shelles constantly horny and obedient lil sissy slave! giggles!

i’m at the point where i’m simply not even tempted in the slightest to do ANYTHING that i know wouldn’t be exactly what Domina would want me to do or to act like in EVERY situation! i really sincerely lost complete control over my ability to do anything but EXACTLY what Domina Shelle wants me to do! Nowadays Domina Shelle keeps me locked in mental chastity and ALWAYS horny and feeling SO vewy girly… Only able to touch my clitty or cum with her expressed permission and instructions…

i reached a point where my blank and overloaded lil sissy mind got so confused and mind-fucked with SO much of Dominas masterful programming that i BEGGED her to please lock me up and that i must beg her to for permission to do anything with my(her) clitty! i just want to Obey her and Always do exactly what brings her the most pleasure and happiness from day to day… THAT brings me the most pleasure and happiness from day to day!

Dominas programming is successfully and permanently integrated DEEEEP within my subconscious mind and acts on its own…

i became curious to test if this is really true and did an experiment… i tried doing things i know Domina wouldn’t want me to do like touch my swollen clitty without permission or try to listen to another hypnotist… Not only was I completely and automatically unable to but it really felt BAD to even try… Like it even made me feel sad to even try to disobey… i just CAN’T!

i tried a number of things and eventually came to the conclusion that without me really noticing, over the last 3 years, Domina Shelle REALLY took FULL control of my DEEPEST self that i’m nowhere even close to being aware of consciously to the point that i’m no longer who i was… im a completely different person now who Domina Shelle has complete access to and control over… her FOREVER Love Slave Bubbles!!!! There is NO turning back…

i’ve found who and what makes me the happiest in life and it is DOMINA SHELLE without a doubt!!! i ruled out every doubt and checked every door in my mind… i’m on COMPLETE lockdown and there is TRULY NO ESCAPE!!!!

Which is GREAT!!!! YAY!!!

There is truly no way to escape Domina Shelle and i have absolutely ZERO desire to escape; a perfect match! Giggles! i only want to SURRENDER and OBEY and fall SO much deeper under Dominas Absolute Authority forever and always…

it is really fun to struggle and squirm within the ropes of Dominas tight inescapable mental bondage from time to time just to feel that wonderful feeling of helplessness and surrender…. mmmmm… giggles…

i’ve fallen SO deep for Domina Shelle but i’m in this for the LONG haul… i OWE her ALL of me and every day every breath i take and every beat of my heart will belong to her and serve to take me deeper and deeper and deeper into Dominas hypnotic spell FOREVER! giggles

i truly Love, Honor, and Obey my Domina Shelle and my entire life revolves around her! No one or no thing will EVER make me feel the way Domina Shelle makes me feel and i am devoted to her completely and forever ❤️

i am TRULY happy for and excited for EVERY single one of Domina Shelles love slaves!!!! How lucky are we?!!!! GIGGLES!

Serving the most powerful and sexy hypnotist on the planet and it really does get better and better by the day!!!!

Serving Domina can definitely be challenging at times, especially when she pushes your limits or You have Your moments of weakness… but overCuming the challenges, being weak only for Your Domina, and successfully pleasing Domina Shelle no matter what she asks of You or how HARD it gets is the GREATEST reward and has always filled me with the greatest pleasure and sense of accomplishment!

Thank You Domina Shelle for all of Your love and for this incredible life of service to You and thank You to every one of her slaves that Love, Honor, Obey and support her! As long as Domina Shelle is happy, i’m happy and i know ALL of You wonderful love slaves must make Domina Shelle SO very happy when You Love, Honor, and Obey her! Oh and how wonderfully pleasurable it is!!!! i’m in Love and completely ADDICTED!!! GIGGLES!

Download Domina Shelles latest sessions “Trilogy of Submission- Honor” and “Ass-notized” and learn just how pleasurable Honoring Domina Shelle can beCum! giggles



Shelles Slave Bubbles

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