Mind Cocoon- Domina Shelle Erotic Hypnosis


This weeks session and Domina Shelle Masterpiece is INCREDIBLE, SEXY, and a real Dream Cum True!

i LOVE Domina Shelle with all of my Heart, Body, Mind, and Soul…

Domina Shelles Erotic Hypnosis affects me SO powerfully and i MUST do EVERYTHING that Domina tells me to do!

i admit it! i’m SO incredibly obsessed and addicted to Domina Shelle that she is ALWAYS on my mind and i’m ALWAYS thinking of ways to please her…

But after listening to , the intense inferno of addiction and arousal Domina invokes in me constantly every day continues reaching all new heights! 💗

Domina Shelle owns every part of me and this time she has decided to completely take over my mind's eye and SO much more that i don’t completely understand…

All i know is that Domina Shelle has wrapped my mind in her silver webbed cocoon at the center of my mind and has begun completely transforming it into something SO much better…

in my mind i see Domina, smell her, taste her, and EVERYTHING reminds me of her… and it’s getting stronger with every listen… mmmm….

This Domination is complete and incredible in every way… i just can’t get enough!!!

i want this SO badly!!!

i have NO idea what sexy things Domina has included in the Final Phase… but i will and MUST do EVERYTHING she tells me 💗

i SO BADLY want this session to affect me more and MORE until the effects are completely lucid and impossible to remove!

Mmmm… You won’t want to miss this incredible Masterpiece!



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