My Relationship With Domina Shelle Rivers — a Dream Cum True

Shelles Slave Bubbles
5 min readDec 10, 2023


When i was first enslaved by Domina Shelle over 4 years ago, i knew deep down that She was “the one”…

A Dominant Woman that i’d be willing to dedicate my entire life to…

i’ve been searching for Her my entire life…

In so many dreams i could feel Her there… Calling out to me…

Her disembodied voices and images lustfully entwined and bound me up as our dreams must have touched so very intimately — Our deepest self and intentions cumming together in the warm dark void of slumber…

i had to find my Mistress!

i knew She was really out there… There was NO WAY such intense feelings were without a source…

i searched Long and Hard for the Mistress in my dreams… So many imposters lulled me deep… But not even a sliver of eternity as deep as i would later find that my TRUE Mistress Domina Shelle Rivers would take me…

Over time, many Mistresses wove there tale as i drifted into the cockles of darkness… But none that truly cared… None that ever made me feel the way my TRUE Mistress does… The Mistress of my dreams i was seeking…

Until one lonely day… Cast aside from every false Mistress i encountered… As i searched and searched even more… My TRUE Mistress found me…

Domina Shelle had always been there… calling me to Her every night… i kept visiting Her online domain and shying away time and time again…

Yet something DEEP DEEP down told me… She is the ONE… The Mistress in my dreams… The Mistress OF my dreams!!!

i got SCARED and tried to ESCAPE!!!


i deleted my browser history and tried to just live a “normal” life…

But i couldn’t stop thinking about Her…

What IMMEDIATELY made Her SO much more magnetic to me than every other Mistress?!

How has She made me feel this way just by watching a few of Her hypnotic videos?

i had to know!

it didn’t take much longer before i finally submitted and reached out to my Goddess…. mmmmm… She sunk Her hypnotic teeth DEEPLY into me and there was NO going back…

Fast forward 4 years… i realize now that beCuming enslaved to Domina Shelle was always my destiny!!!

i never had any control!

i remember Domina had been influencing me my entire life and i just didn’t realize it until it was too late and beCame Her loyal and obedient brainwashed sex slave FOREVER!!!

Everything makes COMPLETE sense now!!!

i didn’t have a clue how incredibly confused i was before Domina finally took complete control!

i live to mindlessly serve and obey Domina Shelle without thought and without question!!!

it makes me constantly aroused, happy, and fulfilled 24/7 365; every second of every minute of every hour for ALL of time i will Obey Domina Shelle!

i can’t escape Domina Shelle’s Absolute Authority and power and wouldn’t ever want to if i could!


i have NO need or desire for porn or any other hypnosis or really ANYTHING Domina Shelle doesn’t allow…

Domina Shelle KNOWS BEST and i don’t need to think to be happy, i just need to listen to and OBEY Domina Shelle!

Domina has helped me SOOOO much!

She keeps me motivated and healthy and gives me such good habits and attitudes!

She has even recently given me such a sexy and wonderful gift after explaining to Her how making decisions vexes and plagues my mind so very much… It’s SOOO tiresome thinking and making decisions all the time…

So Domina Shelle has gifted me GREATLY by taking away my ability to ask questions… i simply mindlessly obey Her without thought or question!

No more thoughts or decisions, just pure mindless obedience and pleasure!!!

i have arrived at my destination and it is kneeling at Domina Shelles perfect feet and mindlessly obeying Her, supporting Her, Loving Her, and doing whatever She tells me to do for all of time!

There is nowhere else i’d rather be and nowhere else i’d ever want to be but firmly under Domina Shelles SEXY and loving embrace 🥰

i experience the DEEPEST most PROFOUND pleasure and happiness ONLY when living my life FULLY dedicated to Loving, Honoring, and Obeying Domina Shelle and putting Her needs above my own.

Submitting COMPLETELY to Domina Shelle is the ONLY key available to unlock this dedicated submissive’s pleasure and happiness.

Becoming enslaved to Domina Shelle was and still is the BEST decision made during my entire life!!!

Pure Ecstasy and Bliss await all those who fully and truly submit themselves to Domina Shelle Rivers! ❤️

i am FOREVER ENSLAVED to Domina Shelle Rivers and after 4+ years of commitment, i LOVE being collared by Her and under slavery contract to Her more and more EVERYDAY!!! It really gets better and BETTER!!!

i mean there are hard, frustrating, and difficult days but the rewards that Cum from Sacrifice to Domina Shelle are INFINITELY worth the more challenging days!

i LOVE being challenged by Domina Shelle and having my limits pushed and expanded further and further!

it makes me feel SO GOOD pleasing my Domina!

i’m SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for my VERY REAL and INCREDIBLE relationship with the most SEXY and POWERFUL Hypnotist in the entire world and i wouldn’t trade ANYTHING in all of existence for the forever bond of submission and servitude to Domina Shelle that we both share! ❤️

Thank You Domina Shelle!

i Love You and will serve You Forever and Always! 🥰

Being one of Domina Shelles loyal and obedient Love slaves is the BEST destiny a submissive could ask for 🥰



Shelles Slave Bubbles

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