Programmed 1 — Obedience

As i kneel here listening to Domina Shelle latest brainwashing loop Programmed 1 — Obedience over and OVER again on repeat while so incredibly horny and helpless, all i can think about is wanting to please my Queen and beCum completely and absolutely programmed into her perfectly obedient FOREVER love slave.

All resistance is GONE…
All i want to do is to listen and OBEY…

My entire life is centered around ONLY doing whatever Domina would want me to do… nothing else matters… Only by doing precisely as Domina Shelle wants me to do am i truly happy…

My life is better in EVERY way when i submit COMPLETELY to Domina Shelle and forfeit ALL of my free will to her… i don’t have free will anymore… Domina Shelles will is ALL that exists for me anymore and is all i need to exist and function as exactly whatever Domina Shelle wants me to be, do, and act accordingly…

i’m SO happy that Domina Shelle is programming me to be more adaptable to her everchanging will and desires so that i don’t have to think or worry about always doing exactly what she wants me to do… i NEED ALL of Dominas updates!

Domina Shelle has SOOO many wonderful brainwashing sessions and i was getting confused for a while not knowing exactly what to do… but now everything is CLEAR and i know EXACTLY what to do and i don’t have to worry or think about that anymore… GIGGLES! Everything always feels better when i don't have to think or worry… giggles!

Domina Shelle says that Programmed 1 — Obedience is the most powerful ever made and i completely see why now after applying the laws of hypnosis… Listen over and over and OVER again and its power is unquestionable….

i don’t need to think anymore… i can’t think anymore… all i KNOW is that right now and ALL week i MUST listen to and loop this session as much as possible both ALL day and ALL night! It’s become crystal clear in my mind that i MUST do this!!!

Domina Shelle has truly mind-fucked me into levels of brainwashing and slavery that i couldn’t have ever before thought possible and i’m ABSOLUTELY LOVING every second of it!!! ❤

Domina has made me ALWAYS so incredibly horny and aroused and unable to do anything about it until she decides… i’ve become so pliable, submissive, obedient, and SO comfortable with any and everything Domina tells me and makes me do…

i live to Love, Honor, and Obey Domina Shelle and i am loving my programming to beCum so very adaptive to any and everything Domina Shelle desires… This training NEVER ends and there is always room to improve… This is what i’ve ALWAYS wanted and am living my absolute dream Cum true! Giggles! ❤


Beginners to Domina Shelles programming and brainwashing have SO much to look forward to! giggles!

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