your mind — my blank canvas

Shelle Rivers Sissygasm Erotic Mind Control

your mind — my blank canvas Shelle Rivers Sissygasm Erotic Mind Control
Dominas Slave Bubbles


Domina has produced some truly of AMAZING hypnotic masterpieces over the years!

i hope You all took advantage of Dominas Black Friday Month sales and got a chance to listen to sessions You might have missed… They are all SO good!!!

For example, ‘Hypnotic Prison’ affected me SO very hard and triggered another fetish deep down inside…

How amazing it feels to be locked up like this in my own mind… mmmm… Well… Dominas mind that is… giggles…

Or ‘Submit Stripped Naked’ awoke yet another sleeping fetish i have of being humiliated and degraded… mmmm… I still don’t know how Domina is able to in the same session humiliate and degrade me, yet at the same time make me feel like the most loved and special slave in the entire world! 🥰

It was an incredibly SEXY session that honestly made me feel much more comfortable, carefree, and loved after listening… i LOVE when Domina gets a lil rough with me… mmmmm… ❤️

Of course that brings me to this weeks session, ‘Your Mind — My Blank Canvas’

OMG!!! Just stop reading and >> DOWNLOAD NOW if You haven’t listened already! You WON’T be disappointed! 💗

i beg Domina all the time to PLEASE take me over MORE and MORE… Completely Owned and Possessed Deeper and Deeper… And I feel that’s EXACTLY what happens in this session!

Dr. Shelle is the BEST at what she does …

My dream cum true is being a completely helpless and blank canvas for Domina to produce her Masterpieces out of…

i went VERY DEEP immediately into trace the longer i listened to Dominas voice… i felt myself slipping and giving into her in a way i haven’t felt yet before… it’s difficult to describe and i can’t exactly remember what was said but every time i looped this file into sleep… The sensation of losing myself to Her grew stronger and stronger right alongside my incredible building arousal… 💗

i won’t give any more away… You’ll just have to listen and find out for Yourself… giggles!


So an update on Dominas No November Challenge…

i failed… Miserably…

After Domina triggered my Lust Module on Twitter early on in November, staying chaste was VERY difficult with SO many sexy sessions I was new to and SO many irresistible CUM commands… giggles…

i truly respect all of Dominas loyal Chastity Slaves who made it through!

(I LOVE ALL of Dominas Slaves though no matter what… Giggles 💗)

What sealed my fate was curiosity as it turned out…

i was looking for ‘Hypnotic Prisoner’ on her website and stumbled upon a lil session called ‘Sweet Torture’…

i thought “that sounds wicked and fun! Surely won’t interfere with staying chaste for my Domina! i think i’ll give it a listen!”

Well… i won’t spoil the surprise if You decide to listen… Giggles! Out of all the possible sessions on her site, i pick that intense Masterpiece… Giggles…

Listen if You dare! Giggles!

SO excited for Christmas!

What are You going to gift Santa Shelle this Year? 💗



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Shelles Slave Bubbles

Shelles Slave Bubbles


I am Domina Shelle Rivers slave. You must check out all of Shelle Rivers’ Erotic Hypnosis & Femdom Hypnosis: